St. Modwen is committed to improving the built environment through its regeneration projects, transforming areas in need of redevelopment into inspirational and thriving businesses and residential communities.

We understand that regeneration goes deeper than bricks and mortar; it is about making positive and genuine changes to communities, the environment and the economy.

The Company has 10 CSR objectives to fulfil throughout the year. Both strategic and long-term, our objectives focus on ensuring sustainable business; creating better environments and supporting the communities in which we regenerate.

In addition, we continue to support a number of other CSR initiatives which are not directly related to our objectives. These prove our innovative and broad-minded attitude to CSR; we are constantly mindful of the positive impact our projects can have on the community, the environment and the economy.

St. Modwen is committed to the continued regeneration of the Great Homer Street area and is proactive in sponsoring a number of community projects in North Liverpool, a selection of which are listed below.

In addition, St. Modwen engages with key community partners at regular stakeholder meetings. For more information please click here.

For more information on the Company’s approach to CSR or to read about our 10 CSR objectives, please visit our dedicated CSR website, or download the latest CSR booklet.